Bending research featured in the NSF’s MRSEC Science Slam

Edmund Han was selected to represent the Illinois Materials Research Science and Engineering Center at the National Science Foundation’s Science Slam!¬† Watch Ed explain why graphene’s bending properties are so unusual here:

Chia-hao selected as ‘Mavis Future Faculty Fellow’

Priti named as 2021 ‘M&M Student Scholar’

Priti wins student scholar award at 2021 Microscopy and Microanalysis Conference for her work on ‘Atomic-resolution and atomic-scale imaging of small organic molecules’. Congratulations!

Blanka wins 2021 Racheff-Intel Award for outstanding graduate research

Ed wins best paper at the 2020 Spring / FALL MRS

Ed’s work on ultrasoft slip-mediated bending in 2D materials and heterostructures was selected as the best paper for the session (S.NMO6) at the 2020 Spring/ Fall MRS!

Kayla receives L’Oreal Fellowship for Women in Science

Chia-hao named as 2020 ‘M&M Student Scholar’

Chia-hao wins student scholar award at 2020 Microscopy and Microanalysis Conference¬†for his work on “¬≠Detecting Vacancy-Induced Strain Field Oscillations via Deep Learning”. Congratulations!

Ed wins 2020 Materials Research Society’s Graduate Student Gold Award

Jeff selected as DIGI-MAT trainee

Jeff is selected as a DIGI-MAT trainee. He receives two years of fellowship funding and the opportunity to do an internship. Congratulations!

Kayla wins Microscopy Today Innovations Award